Our 4 year old French Bulldog, Piper, suddenly became extremely distressed. He couldn’t walk or eat without wincing and screaming in pain.  After daily trips to our vet, who gave him very strong painkiller injections to manage his pain, we spent £500 on an x-ray on his back as they suspected it was a slipped disc.  He wasn’t insured and the only option we had was to send him for an MRI, likely followed by spinal surgery – the cost of this was £8000 minimum.  Extortionate costs aside, I was unhappy with him constantly being on very strong painkillers and did not want to put him through such an invasive surgery with accompanied lengthy recovery. I quickly researched alternative options and found Sarah who fitted him in for a session immediately and started weaning him off the painkillers.  After two sessions, there was a noticeable difference in Piper and within a month, he was off all drugs and almost back to his old self.  We now have Piper back, running, playing with his ball and extremely happy.  Sarah has worked miracles and we are forever grateful for her experience, skill and care in looking after him.  I could not recommend Sarah highly enough and would urge anyone to try laser acupuncture before expensive and invasive surgery for their pet.