Who we are

Our website address is: https://acupunctureforanimals.co.uk

How do we collect information from you?
We obtain information about you when you use our website (e.g. through our use of cookies and online forms), receive our emails and meet with us in person.

Information that we collect
The information that we collect could include your name, job title, address, phone number, email address. When you visit our website, your IP address and information regarding what pages are accessed and when could also be gathered. This information may also be gathered when you email us or contact us directly. If you decide not to provide this information we may not be able to offer you appropriate services.

How long do we keep you information for?

Unless you are a current client, your information will not be kept for any longer than necessary. This will help us ensure that all of our data is current and up-to-date.

How will we contact you?

We will contact you by the information that is provided from the online forms or the information transmit via telephone, or email.

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How do I switch cookies off? It is possible to switch off cookies by setting your browser preferences. Turning cookies off may result in a loss of functionality when using our website