Do I need to be referred by my vet?

Some patients are referred by their own vet but many vets are still unfamiliar with acupuncture and very few will be familiar with laser acupuncture. Feel free to contact me directly, in which case I would contact your regular vet surgery for a clinical history.

Will it hurt?

Traditional acupuncture with needles is tolerated surprisingly well and most patients think they are just getting a massage as the needles are so fine. Laser acupuncture is almost totally painless-sometimes a point over a very inflamed area may be a little bit uncomfortable to treat. Most animals enjoy this treatment.

Will my insurance cover this?

If the condition being treated is covered, then YES , this will be covered. Depending on the policy it might be considered a complementary therapy and taken from the complementary budget.

How many sessions will we need?

This is unique to each patient. It depends what the problem is and how long it has been going on. Very well established problems will take longer to reverse. I like clients to mentally commit to 3 or 4 treatments before judging the benefits as sometimes it might take this long to see a difference, but often dramatic improvements are seen immediately. Serious issues like acutely prolapsed intervertebral discs might need daily treatment initially. Chronic problems might want a series of sessions at weekly intervals to start with before being spaced out.

With degenerative conditions e.g. arthritis in the elderly, regular maintenance, at a frequency individually suited to the patient, is likely to be ideal.

My pet is in too much pain to travel. Will you make a house visit?

Individual circumstances will always be taken into account. I will try to visit patients in too much pain to travel, within a reasonable radius of Berkhamsted. Pricing depends on convenience and circumstances rather than a straightforward price per mile.

Does my pet need to be starved beforehand?

Patients can eat, drink and exercise normally before treatment. Afterwards they will often want to rest for a while but there are no strict rules.