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Acupuncture for Animals

A revolutionary advance in an ancient practice. Based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, Sarah Priggen is a qualified VET with years of experience using acupuncture. Trained to a high standard in the HOLISTIC therapy of TRADITIONAL CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE. I now offer acupuncture using a laser in place of needles, significantly enhancing the effects of acupuncture alone and completely PAINLESS.

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

If in doubt, ask.

This is a holistic treatment with generalised benefits to the whole body. The list below is not intended to be exhaustive; it is a list of conditions that I have successfully treated. Many patients are referred to me for a specific problem such as arthritis, but the owner reports back much wider benefits to appetite, sleep, playfulness. I treat many geriatric patients and enjoy enhancing the QUALITY OF LIFE of our BEST FRIENDS when they deserve it the most, often extending their lives significantly.

I also have a special interest in spinal cases and have helped many patients avoid the need for surgery.




Elbow/hip dysplasia

Spinal Problems (Disc prolapse ) IVDD


Soft tissue injuries


Pressure sores










acupuncture has as high a success rate as surgery

Dr Roger Clemmons DVM, DACVIM whilst Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at University of Florida


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Our 9 year old cocker spaniel, Bumble, was in severe pain with a disc issue in her back which left her struggling to make even simple movements. After just one session of laser acupuncture with Sarah there was a marked change, but now, after a few treatments, Bumble has regained her strength and is pain

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Steffi & Oskar

I noticed my 13 year old Schnauzer, Steffi, was becoming stiff. I was told she had arthritis in her shoulders. I had read about how acupuncture was proving successful as a treatment in dogs for arthritis so I decided to give it a try and contacted Sarah Priggen. Even on the second day after treatment

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Sarah has been treating Chip, our 13.5 year old chocolate lab, for the last 3 months.She was recommended by our vets as Chip was unable to walk. She squeezed us in straightaway, coming to our house that evening.Chip had an extremely bad back with rubbing vertebrae. Within a couple of weeks, he was managing to

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First Class acupuncturist who really knows her craft. Back in July 2019 we were given Sarah’s details by the ‘Elderly Dog Clinic’ at our vets. Ronnie, our 16 year old springer spaniel was going downhill rapidly. He was very anaemic and had stopped eating. We were sceptical about alternative therapies but we decided to give

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I was referred to Sarah by my vet. Sofie is a rescue continental giant rabbit of unknown age and became weak in the hind limbs. An X-Ray revealed a compressed lumbosacral disc. She was prescribed Metacam, a non steroidal anti-inflammatory. After 3 laser acupuncture treatments over 13 days, the Metacam was discontinued and there have

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When we looked into acupuncture to help with our German Pointer’s Degenerative Disc Disease, we were at the end of our tether as to what to do to help our wonderful boy. He is currently 11, and had been living with the condition, consisting of prolapsed discs close to the base of his spine, for

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Our 4 year old French Bulldog, Piper, suddenly became extremely distressed. He couldn’t walk or eat without wincing and screaming in pain.  After daily trips to our vet, who gave him very strong painkiller injections to manage his pain, we spent £500 on an x-ray on his back as they suspected it was a slipped

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Laser acupuncture treatment has been an absolute saviour for Poppy. She could hardly walk on her left leg as her arthritis was so painful and, because of renal problems, she could no longer take anti inflammatories. Quite literally one treatment meant that she was able to go away to the sea and run on the

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Sarah’s treatment has been little short of miraculous. Maisy developed a back issue which left her struggling to walk and in great pain. An intensive few weeks followed by regular but less frequent maintenance treatments from Sarah have seen her return to her old self and once again she is enjoying her much loved long

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I collected my 9 week old puppy, Floss, from near Shaftsbury, so it was a long drive back to Bedfordshire. I tried her in a crate in different parts of the car and she vomited. She sat on my partner’s lap and she vomited. After that she vomited every time she went in the car.

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